The Junior Elite Program

The Junior Elite Training Program is an advanced, comprehensive program designed for serious golfers wishing to compete at the collegiate level and beyond. This program incorporates individual and group coaching, TrackMan and video technology, scoring and game improvement training methods, goal setting, practice planning, and measurable improvement. By utilizing the latest technology and training methods, my goal is to deliver the highest level of coaching for dedicated junior golfers. This program is designed to help aspiring juniors learn to break scoring barriers, improve their performance on & off the golf course, develop “world class” practice habits, and play to their true potential. By creating a program based on Elite Athletes performance and preparation, we can help juniors improve a rapid pace, and continue improving by utilizing extraordinary scoring, mental, and practice techniques.

In its initial year, this program produced amazing results such as: 3 students who had never broken par shot in the 60’s within 4 weeks, including a course record 63. Four juniors signed letters of intent to play golf at the collegiate level. Three students finished top 5 in AJGA events, and more gained exempt status for 2013. The use of cutting-edge training methods, the highest available technology, and focused practice, your junior will be given all the tools to reach their golfing goals.

The program begins by individually establishing short & long-term goals, tournament schedule/tours, and game analysis. I will work with each student during their private lessons to build long-term reliability in their game focusing on their individual needs. We will focus on all areas of the game, and build a strong foundation for tournament play. High-speed video analysis and TrackMan are including in private lessons.

Along with private instruction, juniors will participate in “supervised practice” sessions, held in small groups, where I will reinforce the areas addressed in private lessons, in addition to incorporating different drills and activities specifically to help scoring and tournament performance. These types of practice sessions have been proven to be very effective for with junior golfers, helping them practice properly, and address any questions they might have about the process of improvement. Each session will have specific challenges and games to help promote confidence and inspire their competitive nature.

The TrackMan Combine is a very unique tool designed to find areas of strength & weakness in a players game – this is currently being used by several college coaches as a benchmark for a players abilities, as well as many PGA/LPGA Tour Players. The Combine consists of a player hitting a variety of shots to various targets with each shot being given a score based on distance and direction from the target. It is very comprehensive, and will allow players to find the areas that need more work than others in their game. By testing students on a regular basis, we can see where students have improved, and focus on the areas that need work. Combine scores will be emailed to you and your child and can be viewed online to follow their improvement.

Once per month we will go on the course to play 18 holes. While allowing me to see them in the “real world,” we will also discuss strategy, course management, how to chart practice rounds, and observe where they are losing shots during rounds. I will also explain how to keep accurate stats on their round, and help them learn to keep emotions in check while attacking the strengths of their game.

In addition to the monthly program, students enrolled in the program will have an opportunity to attend various seminars offered at no charge to them, and they will have access to other programs from The Golf Club of Georgia at reduced rates.

The 2013 Program will begin in April, space is obviously very limited, as I want to keep the group very small and focused. If you know any aspiring junior golfers who might be interested, please feel free to forward this email to them, or have them contact me directly. To sign up or for pricing options please email me at

Is it time for your junior to Be Elite? #BeElite