The Game Changer

Are you tired of shooting the same scores? Not improving?This unique program is designed to help you reach your scoring goals and touch all areas of your game. By beginning with setting specific scoring goals, we’ll work together to develop excellent fundamentals, an incredible short game, and a mental game that is rock solid under any conditions. The program consists of Three 1/2 day sessions with work on the range and the golf course. The days can be consecutive or spread out over a month. Investment is $1000 for 12 hours.

Swing into the Season with Your Own Private Golf School
The ultimate in instruction – get serious improvement in one weekend! You can now have your own private golf school! Learn like the PGA Tour Players do – a tour player doesn’t take a 1-hour lesson – they spend several hours over a few days working on all areas of their game. Now you can do the same – based on his Golf Digest Instruction Schools background and 15+ years of experience, Rob is offering a very special introductory price for 8 hours of game altering instruction!

We’ll spend time on every aspect of the game driving to putting – on the course, on the range, video, and TrackMan – you will leave an improved player!

Day 1, 1:00-5:00:

You will have four hours of private (or group if you choose) instruction on full swing, short game and putting. We begin by identifying the areas where you need the most improvement, and tackle those with intensity, making small changes that make immediate improvement.

Focusing on what you need to play better, Rob will give simple instruction that allows you to hit the shots you need to player better golf right away.

Day 2: – 10:00-2:00

The second day will begin with a review of day one, making sure the changes we made are solid and covering any questions from the first day. Then we attack the golf course taking your new swing and short game into the “real world.” On the course, we’ll focus on uneven lies, situational shots, pre-shot routine, and how to score even when your swing is not 100%. We will also discuss how to manage a golf course, and chart your rounds to identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement.

At the end of your two days, you will have an advanced knowledge of your game, and what you need to improve! Each student will leave with dvd/cd of your golf swing – before and after, booklet of drills, playing chart – knowing how far you hit each club and how to chart rounds and dissect a course, and a completely improved golf game!

Normally 8-hours of focused instruction would run over $1000, but in this special offer you can sign up for only $800! If you would like to bring a friend or family member, a two-person special is only $1400.

Isn’t it time to get serious about your golf game?

Act fast, there are limited spots available! To take advantage of this special contact Rob immediately and we’ll schedule dates to make you a better golfer!

Contact Rob at or at 678-640-3773