Schedule a Private Lesson with Rob Stocke:
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Rob MAPGA Instruction

Individual Lesson Rates:

Member 1-Hour : $150
Non-Member 1-Hour : $175

Group Instruction (rates are per hour)

Group Shot

  • 2 Players – $100/each
  • 3 Players – $85/each
  • 4 Players – $70/each

All lessons include access to Flightscope, high-speed video, on-course, and short game areas!

2018 Junior Programs

We offer several, award winning programs for junior development. Whether you have a junior who desires to play at the  collegiate level, an 11-year old interested in the sport, or a 5 year old who wants to play with Mom or Dad; we have a program for all junior players! Rob’s specializes in junior golf development, and has won numerous awards including: 2016 Future Champions Top 50 Elite Junior Instructor, 2015, GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game Professional 2016, and US Kids Top 50 Kids Instructor Honorable Mention 2016, 2015, 2013.

“The connection between player and coach is my priority,” says Rob Stocke,”to help foster a juniors love for the game, and increase their interest, leads to long-term involvement in golf.” For the advanced/elite tournament players, Rob creates a personalized game plan and training/practice program, built around the players goals and desires. The success of this program showswith 30+ students committing to play college golf since 2013!

USA Junior National Team

This is our flagship program for intermediate to advanced players. By meeting weekly in small groups, the USA Junior National Team focuses on all areas of the game, helping players develop tournament-ready skills, and utilize monthly Benchmark testing to identify areas of strength, and those that need additional attention. Players on the USA Junior National Team receive customized bags, balls, hats, and discounts of merchandise and various junior tours. In 2017, Coach Rob escorted several players from his team to the exclusive Ballyneal in Colorado for a 3 day, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Players competed with juniors from around the country on one of the best and most exclusive courses in the world.

The program is very structured and includes an app so parents can see what juniors are practicing and what they need to improve to advance levels. Students are arranged in levels based on their current skill set, and are tested monthly.  While there are many benefits to this program, one of the best, in my opinion, is it will allow us to create a continuing training program similar to martial arts, where students play and practice throughout the year and develop all skills needed for golf.  The program incorporates golf fitness in addition to full swing, short game, and on-course instruction.


Each level will have 8-12 hours of practice/instruction per month (Level 1 has 8 hours, Levels 2-5 have 12 hours/month). All team members will receive: hats, balls, tees, and poker chip ball mark, and team bags are provided to Future Stars, Pre-Elite, and Elite Team members! Our team will play matches against other teams in the area, and a Regional Championship with the opportunity to play in the National Championship! Juniors will also have the opportunity to attend Advanced Camps, Tournaments, and even International Tournaments.

Developmental I and II athletes are those who have just begun their competitive journey. Certified USA National Team Coaches will work with each participant to develop the various skills necessary to become a member of the Future Stars Team. Athletes in the developmental program are expected to compete locally in junior golf competitions. Program coaches will assist participants and their parents in choosing appropriate competitive opportunities.

Future Stars teams are for athletes age eleven and older who have displayed a passion for the game and possess experience in competitive golf events. Team members will meet three hours weekly for coaching sessions led by Certified USA National Team coaches and are eligible to participate in regional training camps when space is available.

USA National Team Coaches identify prospective Pre-Elite team members based on their performance in USA National Golf Camps, high school golf competitions, or state and local junior tournaments. These players consistently score in the mid 70s to low 80s. Work ethic and attitude are also important traits. Like Future Stars, Pre-Elite juniors will meet three hours per week with certified coaches and may participate in regional camps.

Selection to the Elite Team is an honor reserved for the most talented, polished, and hard-working individuals.  USA National Team Coaches invite prospective Elite Team members based on their performance in USA National Golf Camps or national junior tournaments. Our Elite Team members enjoy competitive success at the local, state, and national levels. Elite Team members meet three hours weekly throughout each training season, participate in Regional and National training camps, and are eligible to qualify for and compete in Regional and International Team Matches.

Benchmark Testing

Benchmarks are conducted typically once a month or once every other month to track and monitor the progress of the athletes. They are conducted using the USA Junior National Team App. Team members are tested at stations covering putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play, driving, club head speed and fitness. At the upper 3 levels (Future Stars, Pre Elite and Elite) there is a Trackman Combine test used to monitor and track their skill development. Coaches conduct benchmarks at designated practices, but the app also allows players to conduct their own to keep challenging themselves.

Operation 36

For our beginning players, we will be using a program called “Operation 36!” Clinics will be 1-hour and divided by age & skill level. Combining on-course “matches,” Training, and Supervised practice to help juniors improve, have fun, and learn to shoot par for 9 holes. Utilizing the free app, parents can follow along with their juniors and see drills, games, and challenges. This is a building block to the USA Junior National Team. For more information, they can contact Rob.


We will be releasing the details for all our 2018 Programs shortly. Stay tuned!

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Allow me to help you enjoy the game you love!

Whether you’re just beginning, trying to break 90, or play Division-I college golf, I have a program that will help! With thousands of hours of experience, there’s no challenge that can’t be conquered. So let’s get started reaching your goals now.

At Rob Stocke Golf, we offer everything in instruction — from private, individual instruction, clinics, small group & corporate events, junior camps & clinics, to unlimited coaching programs! Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and facilities, I will help you play your best golf ever!


Lesson Programs



You don’t need a resolution, you need a PLAN!!

Imagine the feeling as you stroke your putt in the hole for your career low score. Imagine watching a purely struck iron pierce through the air, and land a few feet from your target. And, imagine, if you will, the sound as the ball leaves your driver, tracing your target line, and flying further than ever before. 

How do you accomplish these in 2018? Well, you don’t need a new-year’s resolution – you need a PLAN! A road map on what, when, and how to practice, improve, and reach your goals!

Here’s how we put your plan to action: we begin with an initial game assessment – we’ll identify your strengths and weaknesses in your game, and build a custom program to attack and improve the weaknesses. Choose the program that fits your time commitment and budget: Gold 2 lessons per month; Platinum 3 Lessons per month, or Diamond 4 Lessons per Month. Then choose either a 6 or 12 month total improvement package, and you’ll own a specific game plan for your improvement.

You’ll be equipped with not only, personalized practice sessions – what to practice and for how long, skills challenges, drills, and progressive tasks to improve your skills. Each student will be given their own Edufii online training space, where you’ll have instant access to all your lessons, drills, and the tools to make lasting improvement.

Range sessions will no longer be dumping a bucket of balls and hitting 100 shots with a 7-iron and “experimenting” with random swing thoughts – you will be given the tools to identify what caused a given shot, and the means to improve.

Lastly, we will build a game that stands strong when you take it to the course. We will develop a rock-solid routine and mental skills to help you focus and perform each round.

It’s a new year – lets create a new YOU on the golf course and play to our potential. Here’s how you get started! Pick the program below that works best for you, schedule our initial assessment, and we’ll create a complete game plan!
All Programs include:

  • Video Analysis
  • FlightScope 3D tracking & Combine
  • Skills Assessment every 8 weeks
  • Full Swing
  • Scoring Zone
  • Putting
  • Goal Setting
  • Custom 8 Week Practice Plan
  • Edufii Online Training Space

RS Diamond Performance Plan
Objectives: I’m All In, I want to reach my potential!

Reach Your POTENTIAL: FOUR (4) 1-hour lessons per month.
Investment $600/month
Ability to rollover unused sessions*
Combine 2 lessons for On-Course Instruction


RS Platinum Performance Plan
Objectives: I MUST improve – this is Serious!
Develop Your Game: THREE (3) 1-hour lessons per month
Investment $450/month

RS Gold Performance Plan
Objectives: I want to Improve

Work the Plan: TWO (2) 1-hour private lessons per month
Investment $300/month




Clinics – More Information

Juniors – More Information





The Unlimited Program

The Ultimate in improvement. 

Are you serious about improving your game? Do you want to reach your potential, play better, and reach your goals? If so, this is the program for you! This amazing program has consistently produced the most improvement year-after-year. It offers truly unlimited lessons; combine 2-hours for an on-course experience; cover all areas of the game in detail and at YOUR pace; set and REACH your scoring goals! 6-month program available also! This revolutionary program combines coaching, instruction, fitting, and game management. We begin with a 2-hour goal setting session and complete game analysis – then draft up our plan to play your best golf ever! This program is limited, so please email me if you are interested in joining.



Unlimited Special

Please email Rob for information and pricing at


Lesson Packages

3     1-hour Lessons  — $400
6     1-hour Lessons — $750
10   1-hour Lessons — $1250

The Combine


The Flightscope Combine is the most complete tool to identify your strengths and weaknesses to help you improve your game. If you haven’t done the Combine yet, you owe it to yourself to take this amazing test. The Combine takes about 35 minutes to complete; then we’ll sit down and analyze your results. Used by PGA Tour players and college golf teams, now you can have the same experience – sign up now — $100.


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