Below are products I use on a regular basis – I can use any products on the market, and I feel these are the BEST. Use what you want, but click on the links and see what I feel can help you #BeElite!

Cobra Clubs



Your clubs are your tools – you should play the best, most advanced technology. I believe the Cobra brand provides the best equipment for all ranges of golfers – from beginner to expert — they have clubs that help you improve your game! I HIGHLY recommend any player considering new clubs get custom fit (see Pure Performance Golf Labs below) and Cobra offers the best custom options on the market. Check out the new King products by clicking the link below.

Cobra Golf

Puma Clothing/Shoes/Hats


On the course, you need comfortable, breathable clothing that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Puma clothing does that – and with STYLE! Pair your clothing with the most technologically advanced and comfortable shoes, and know you’ll feel as good on the 18th green as you do on the 1st tee! Want to order some RS Golf logo apparel – just hit the link and let me know color, size, and quantity!

Puma Golf

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Flightscope is the leader in professional and consumer radar tracking! Whether you want the flagship X2 Elite with 23 data points, long battery life, and Boresight Camera; or the convenience of the extremely portable Xi, Xi +, or Xi Tour, Flightscope will improve your teaching, fitting, and practice. Used by all equipment manufacturers, Flightscope gives you the advantage of accurate yardage to find your true carry yardages, help you decide which club/ball works best for you, and use the SKILLS App to test and improve your game from any yardage!

Would you like a live demonstration of Flightscope? Email me to schedule a demo at your facility or mine!



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Pure Performance Golf Labspure-performance-logo

If you’re playing with clubs you purchased off-the-rack, you’re giving up shots. Period. Pure Performance Golf Labs at The Golf Club of Georgia has helped players gain an average of 15 yards! Starting with measuring your existing clubs, then finding the best match of club and shaft with over 30,000 club combinations, you will leave knowing you have the absolute best fit available. All clubs are hand-built and shafts pured to insure the highest quality. Get fit for length, lie, shaft, flex, head, loft, wedges, and ball fitting – do you want your clubs with custom stamping or color – PPGL can do that as well! If you want the best fit, visit PPGL at The Golf Club of Georgia.



Pure Performance Golf Labs

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Orange Whip Trainer

The Orange Whip is voted the #1 training aid by PGA Professionals, and used by numerous Tour Players. The Orange Whip is great for warm up, tempo, and various swing improvements. Check out their models for juniors, wedges, and putter trainer! I highly recommend the Orange Peel too!

Orange Whip Trainer

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This putting training aid is as good and simple as it gets! I use it in every putting lesson. Nothing shows line and face-to-path relationship like the Navigator. Setup takes seconds and improvement is immediate. If you don’t own one, you should –  click the image below and use promo code STOCKE at checkout for $10 off and FREE shipping!

True Pendulum Motion



True Pendulum Motion is revolutionary for developing a technically sound, repeatable, pendulum stroke. This is a new product I’ve been testing with students which has produced amazing results! Pair this with the Navigator and you’ll make miles of putts! Check out my video of how the TPM helped a 10-year-old student develop a consistent posture and stroke in under 30 minutes!

True Pendulum Motion Training Aid

Skin Sunscreen

Skin Sunscreen Logo

You’re outside in the sun, you NEED sunscreen!! Golfers Skin is used by almost every PGA Tour Player, and part of my daily routine. Don’t trust your skin to cheap sunscreen – it’s non-greasy and engineered to last for hours.

Skin Sunscreen

UST Mamiya Shafts

UST Mamiya Shafts offer an amazing array of graphite shafts for all levels of players! I’m currently using the Elements Chrome in my woods, and testing the Recoil in my irons. Check their site here




Edufii is a cutting edge coaching app which allows coach/player interaction from anywhere. I use Edufii to communicate with students daily – share swings, lesson plans, drills, and feedback from you mobile device. It’s FREE. Download it and add me as a coach to share swings for review!




If you’ve taken a lesson with me, you’ve seen HUDL – I use it in EVERY lesson! An amazingly simple mobile swing analysis app, which allows you to analyze, compare, share, and draw lines/circles/shapes on swings. Film your swing, send it to me, and get your review!



Analyzr Image Export

My main swing tool! The best analyzing tool for Mac computers on the market. If you use a Mac (& who doesn’t?) you want a program that maximizes the video performance of the hardware. Just Airdrop swings into the program and start improving. View my video in my Media section to see how I use Analyzr in a lesson.


2 Undr


Underwear? Really Rob? Yep – teaching/playing golf for hours is hot. You need to be comfortable. 2 Undr is so good, I don’t mind discussing underwear on my site! Try a pair, you’ll be thankful. They even have a “Joey Pouch” – who knew?

2 Undr

Game Golf


I’ve preached to my students for years that they need to track their rounds. PGA Tour players know all their stats – where they are strong, and where they need improvement. Game Golf gives amateurs the opportunity to get the same data and feedback. With a new platform being released this month, Game Golf offers the easiest method to chart your rounds and measure improvement. I believe so strongly in this product, I am giving a Game Golf unit to every student who enrolls in my #BeElite program for 2016!

Game Golf

Titleist Golf Balls


I’ve played Titleist balls for since I was a child – nothing on the market performs better. There’s a reason they are the #1 ball on every tour and in every amateur event in the world.

Titleist Golf Balls