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Your Plan for Improvement

Let’s look back at your 2015 Golf Season. Has it played out the way you wanted? Did you reach your scoring or handicap goals? If so, congratulations! If not, it’s definitely not too late to make some improvements, and it’s a great time to draft your game plan for continued improvement!

Let’s begin by analyzing your game from what worked great, to what needs the most improvement – it’s not always as simple as it sounds! Many times, a student will tell me their putting is bad, and after watching them on the course, we’ll find it’s not their putting, but rather their chipping, or iron play that leaves them with few “makeable” putts. Or, while you may think your driving is holding you back, but it may be the wrong shaft in your driver that is causing inconsistency!

With an entirely new selection of Coaching Programs being launched (see below), you will be able to choose a program that fits your budget and goals!

Allow me to help you look at your game in a new light and structure a complete plan to improve! Whether we do a Flightscope analysis, a 2-hour on-course lesson, or a combination of full & short game testing, there are many options to find what YOU need! If you’ve never experienced an on-course lesson, many students feel (as do I) that a 2-hour lesson on the course can help you understand how to shoot lower scores without even changing your golf swing! If you’re ready, click the link below:

Schedule a Lesson

Tip of The Month

Most golfers would agree that putting is not only the most important club in the bag – it should be the easiest! We don’t have to get the ball in the air, you don’t need any physical attributes to be a great putter, and it only involves 2 factors: Distance and Direction. So why do so many people struggle with the putter?

I see people searching for the magic thought on the putting green instead of working on the factors that will really help them make more putts consistently! There are 3 main areas you need to address to become a great putter.

First is your technique – do you have a proper setup, alignment, and grip that will allow you to make a repeating stroke? Here’s a simple tip to check your position. Take an old CD and turn it upside down, place the ball in the hole in the center, and address the ball – do you see your eyes in the CD? Are they over the ball? Inside? Outside? They should be over the ball or slightly inside and your eyes need to be parallel to the target line! Recommended training aids: Eyeline Putting Mirror, True Pendulum Motion

Second, distance control – great putters roll the ball the proper distance letting the ball come to rest close to the hole. Getting good at distance control will eliminate 3-putts and help you generate better green-reading. To improve your touch & feel on the greens try these drills: Putt to the Fringe – Start in the center of the green and roll putts to various spots on the fringe. Try to stop the ball before it rolls onto the fringe. Look at the Hole – roll putts from 15-40 feet while looking at the hole. The first few putts will feel awkward, but after a few strokes, you’ll notice your athletic ability take over and the putts will stop near the hole.

Third is aim – it’s rare that I see a student who aims the putter where they think they are aimed! If you practice with poor alignment, you are going to be forced to make a compensating stroke to get the ball on line. This will lack consistency and disrupt your pace. Drills/Aids to help with aim: Chalk Line – take a chalk line (you can purchase at any hardware store) and find a level putt. Drop the line on the green and roll putts along the line. Focus on the aim of the putterhead and starting the ball along the line. The Navigator is a great training aid to help with aim – use promo code STOCKE at checkout and get yours at a discount here: Navigator

Check out a review of an awesome 2015!


Rob Stocke Golf is launching some new and exciting Coaching Programs, designed for you to see measurable improvement, conquer your weaknesses, and reach your goals!

Check my website Rob Stocke for details on some exciting new programs to help you BE ELITE!

From the amazing #BeElite program to the Elite Development package, and new Online Coaching and Practice programs, you now have all the tools to reach your goals – even if you can’t get face-to-face with Rob!

PPGL Fitting!

There are some great new products being released over the next couple months! Get your new equipment custom fit by our Top 100 Fitting lab! We have over 30,000 combinations of clubs, and offer every major brand. Contact Rob to schedule your fitting today!

Fall Junior Clinics
There are still activities for juniors this fall! Join Rob for 1-hour clinics every Tuesday and Thursday in October from 6:00-7:00 and 2-hours every Saturday from 2:00-4:00
Please email Rob at 24 hours in advance if your child would like to attend.


Let’s escape the winter weather and play some golf! I have several Pro-Am’s this winter at some amazing destinations! Whether you prefer the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, or California, we’ll have a blast!

Spots are limited, so please email me soon and let me know where you’d like to go and what dates are good for you – if there’s not a scheduled pro-am at that time, we’ll create a custom golf outing for you!

It’s Time to RE-GRIP your clubs!!
Face it, after a hot summer, your grips are worn, slick, and force you to grip the club with more tension than you should! We have any grip you desire, and will have your clubs professionally re-gripped within 48 hours.Special Offer:
Click the tab below and get 1 Grip Free when you re-grip 9 or more clubs! Just let me know what type of grips and if you’d like anything special – name on bottom, extra wraps, etc.
I’d Like My Clubs Re-Gripped

The Falcons are off to an amazing start under new coach Dan Quinn! If you’re heading to the dome for any home games, please touch base with me – we usually have some good food and fun at our tailgate!


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