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Zach Johnson won the 2015 Open Championship with guts, a game plan, and by playing HIS game. See how you can use Zach’s techniques to transform your game below.

What You Can Learn From Zach Johnson

Play Better Using These Secrets from The Open Champion

Zach Johnson is a multiple Major winner despite having a game that is mainly unnoticed by the general public. He doesn’t possess the sexy Long Drives of a Dustin Johonson or the marketing charm of Ricky Fowler, however, he does have a few things they don’t: MAJORS! And, he did it HIS WAY!

Zach’s overall game and swing have changed only slightly since I first watched him on the Hooter’s Tour over 10 years ago. He still uses the same putter, same strong grip, and understands his limits.

Zach works hard on his game, but he works hardest on the areas that allow him to OWN HIS GAME! Here’s what you can learn from Zach to improve your game:

  • Know your Strengths & Play to Them; Zach wins golf tournaments with his wedges & putter. He doesn’t try to hit shots that are high risk – he’ll play to a good wedge yardage and score with his short game.
  • Your Swing Doesn’t have to be Pretty: Zach’s swing is fundamentally sound, but it’s all Zach. He doesn’t try to swing like Adam Scott, or Jason Day – he swings like Zach. Players who struggle with ball striking should take note of his strong grip and how he keeps the face square through impact – two keys most amateurs could use to improve their game.
  • Be a GREAT wedge player: Building a solid wedge game gives players an opportunity to score on short shots, save par or bogey when you’ve hit an errant shot, and takes pressure off your long shots.
  • Be a GAME MANAGER: Don’t try shots that you cannot execute 75% of the time – instead of trying to hit a long-iron over water from a difficult lie, lay up to a comfortable wedge yardage and reduce your chances of making a big number.
  • Build a Team: Zach has worked for many years with his swing instructor, mental coach, fitness/conditioning professional, and his caddy. By having a team, you can work towards common goals and give yourself a total support system – whether your goal is winning majors or breaking 90, it’s easier as a team, than alone.
Want help learning how to OWN YOUR GAME? Click the link below to send me an email and we’ll get started with a game plan!
Own Your Game Series
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Juniors In Full Swing!
Although our summer camps have finished, and school is around the corner, our junior programs are still going strong!
We have clinics for every age and skill level, and offer instruction everyday.
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Tip of the Month

As fall approaches the longer Bermuda rough loses it’s “legs” and the ball begins to settle more towards the ground, creating a challenge on our shots. Here’s how to assess your shot and how to play them to give yourself the best opportunity to score!

Ball sitting on top of the grass

This seems like the easiest of all, however, especially on short pitch shots, this can create havoc! It’s very easy for the club to slide entirely under the ball or make contact high on the face causing a shot that flies much shorter than expected. Here’s how to play this shot:Address the ball and grip down on the club an inch to 1-1/2 inches and don’t allow the club to rest on the grass. Your swing should feel like you are trying to “pick” the ball off the grass – allowing the leading edge to just skim the top of the grass. On shots around the green, you can use a putting motion with a wedge, or, if possible, putt with your hybrid.

Half the ball above the grass

This is the classic “flier” lie! There’s no way to predict if the ball will jump with no spin, or if it will come out and drop from the sky. The flier is created when grass gets between the face and the ball, reducing the effect of the grooves to create spin. How to play it:First play SMART – adjust your target so a shot that flies too long or too short won’t put you in trouble – the ball will roll when it lands, so take 1 less club. Play the ball one ball width back in your stance and make your normal, stock swing  – the ball will fly generally straight with low spin.

The Buried Shot

This is the worst shot in the rough, and the one I see most amateurs fail to execute correctly. If the top of the ball is below the top of the grass, it’s time to take your medicine! No time to try a hero shot with this!Take a lofted club (wedge or sand wedge), play the ball back in your stance with pressure on your front foot, pick a safe landing area and pitch out to the fairway safely. I constantly see amateurs trying to hit mid-long irons out of this lie, and I can promise you, it won’t work!

Need more help? Let’s spend some time working on shots from the rough during an on-course lesson!
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Football is in the air!
It’s fall which means great golf weather, but also FOOTBALL! Whether you are a pro or college fan, this is a great time of the year! As a Falcon’s season ticket holder, I’m hoping for great things from new Head Coach Dan Quinn. We’re looking forward to a great season – if you’re at a game, be sure and stop by our tailgate and have some food & drink!


Changes in the Future

There are many exciting changes at The Golf Club of Georgia! From the beautiful changes on Creekside, to the expansive remodeling of the clubhouse, and, coming soon — a full instruction center! Along with these changes, beginning August 15, 2015 the 1-hour private lesson rate will be $150.Rates have remained the same since 2003, and with the added benefit of newer facilities and upgraded technology, students will have even better quality, service, and commitment to your improvement.

And, don’t worry, there’s still ways to save money – new packages are coming which allow students to take more lessons at lower rates!









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